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Are you ready to train with the Mandurah Volunteer Marine Sea Rescue Service Cadets?

Cadets undertake various roles accordingto their abilities. interests and what they are comfortable with. Cadets undertake training, respond to scenario situations and may also involve themselves in marine educational activities designed to improve safety for the boating public

There has never been a better time to join.

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For More information:



Cadet Supervisor, Wayne Nock Tel: 0435 518 180

or James Nock Tel: 0435 518 180


Mandurah Marine Rescue  (08) 9535 4789



Cadets Lotteries video

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Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue Cadet Group

The Cadet program in introduced in October 2008. It is open to boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 17 years.


The aim of the Program is to provide structured learning and personal development opportunities to young people in an emergency services environment.


Cadets attend training every second Wednesday night between 6.30 and 8.00 pm during the school term.


Cadets are exposed to a wide range of learning areas including first aid, navigation, ship-board safety, marine radio operation, OH & S and general marine knowledge. 



















Cadets are able to gain their Recreational Skippers Ticket and Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency as part of the program. 


From time to time activities are arranged outside of these core hours.  The Cadets will be exposed to some on-water activities.


All ctivities are properly supervised by senior MVMR members.


An important element of the program is community service.  Cadets studying Year 10 are able to have their community service undertaken as a Cadet recognised towards their WA Certificate of Education.


The Cadets are involved in their own fundraising activities to help cover the costs of their uniforms, specialised equipment and a range of other activities and training opportunities.


A rank structure is in place enabling participants in the program to progress through to Cadet Senior Crew.


All MVMR members directly involved in the Cadet program meet the DFES and Government requirements for working with children. 


For the safety and well being of the Cadets, a parent/guardian is required to bring and pick up the Cadets to and from the training venue.



Cadets night training on 'Spirit Of Mandurah' under the supervision of Chris Scharf

Come and join in the fun

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