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How to Log On with us

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The best way to log on is by

Marine Radio,

VHF channels 77 or 82.

Alternatively you can log on

by mobile phone  -  9535 4789


    You’ll need to tell us:


       Your boat registration number (eg. AZ123 )

  • Your point of departure – yacht club, ramp, mooring etc.

  • Your precise destination – eg.   Fishing between 2-4 miles west of Dawesville Cut.

  • The number of people on board.

  • Your expected time of arrival or return.

  • Your mobile phone number.

Sample Dialogue

Mandurah Marine Rescue, Mandurah Marine Rescue, Mandurah Marine Rescue. 


This is AZ123, AZ123 on channel 77.

AZ123,   This is Mandurah Marine Rescue, go ahead.

We would like to log on please.. AZ123 Launched at Mary St .Boat Ramp. We have 3 persons on board. We will be operating in Comet Bay and expect to return by 3PM.   

Mobile Phone number is 0432 123 321

AZ123, We have you on our log and look forward to hearing from you again by 1500 hours.


Mandurah Marine Rescue standing by.

Don't forget to Log Off when you return!

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