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Volunteers undertake various roles according to their abilities. interests and what they are comfortable with.  Volunteers undertake training, respond to emergency situations and may also involve themselves in marine educational activities designed to improve safety for the boating public

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Commander on 0409 081 801

or any of the Committee.


Commander             Dan Goodlad            0409 081 801

Vice Commander    John Stewart             0429 081 801

Secretary                 Barb Walton              0417 956 059       

Treasurer                 Patricia Browning      0412 166 772

Training                    Steve Wilding            0427 155 070

Communications      Lyn Sleight               0414 355 970                   

Cadets                     James Nock              0435 518 180         

Special Events        Greg Mansell            0466 682 775

Safety                      Ian Warman              0447 308 588

Administration         Vern Goff                  0404 146 515

Social Sec               Sue Warman             0477 171 949  

Public Relations      Paul Durkin               0417 006 660

Maintenance           David Browning         0412 128 058



Mandurah Marine Rescue  (08) 9535 4789


Mandurah Marine Rescue

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The Mandurah Marine Rescue is a totally volunteer group, completely funded by the wider community and the raising of funds by members


We provide marine search and rescue operation throughout the Peel Region and surrounding ocean waterways.


We save lives, although vessels may be towed and property saved at the discretion of the rescue boat skipper and / or the coordination centre at the time of any occurrence.


We educate the public in the principles of safe boating and survival at sea.


We train skippers, crews, radio operators and all other persons concerned in search and rescue operations.


We assist, aid or affiliate with any institution or association having objectives similar to ours.


Formal in-house courses and training that are available include:


  • Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST)

  • Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

  • Occupational Health and Safety at Sea

  • Charting 


New Modern Radio Room Facilities

Time For A Challenge

Training on latest equipment 



As a member of the Mandurah VMR, there are many roles available to Volunteers that do not necessarily involve being a Crew Member or a Radio Operator.  Apart from these positions, people who want to assist and are not able to commit to these positions, are still very welcome and essential as part of the overall operation.  The organization would not be able to keep functioning without donations and extra funds.  That is where additional people are required to carry out other duties including:

Assist with Special Functions and Events plus promotions,  such as:

Sausage Sizzles, Boat Shows, Crab Fests etc.   What are the requirements?

  • Wear the uniform with pride as you are performing a life saving, community service.

  • Be able to talk to the Public with confidence and enthusiasm

  • Promote the importance of having a Marine Radio

  • Promote the importance of having your own Call Sign and being registered with relevant information direct to VMR so that they can contact the right people if an emergency occurs.

  • Advise that purchasing a Call Sign gives you free training on how to use your radio

  • Promote the importance of having your own Log On/Log Off procedures in place


Other areas where you can help:

  • Be willing to work with the in whatever capacity may be required.This could include: Shopping Centre Information booths; attending Boat Ramps to talk to boaties; assisting with the float at the Mandurah Christmas Pageant.

Distributing pamphlets to boat owners to promote our message in relation to Log on/Log off, and the importance of having their own

  • Be available though you can advise when you will possibly be away touring, cruising etc.

  • Attend the General Meetings, held First Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm to keep up to date with the activities of the Group.

  • As a member, you can attend any of the Training Sessions on Thursdays at 9.00am to learn as much as you ca about boating.

  • Do you have Administrative or Computer Skills?By offering assistance in this area, you could lighten the load of an Officer.

Are there any other areas that you can help?   


The answer is YES!

  • Mechanically minded?Boat maintenance is a continual activity.Your skills would be welcome even if it is just as a general hand.

  • General maintenance of the complex.Well, some jobs just have to be done such as cleaning toilets, fridges, maintaining the building, general repairs and maintenance.

  • Take time to visit the Radio Room and observe what happens there.All new knowledge is valuable to those who want to promote the VMR services


Above all, Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue Group helps to save lives of fishermen, boat people, both recreational and professional, whether in life threatening circumstances or just have run out of fuel.  They monitor when they leave the harbour and when they return, 12 months of the year, and the importance of this cannot be overestimated.

There is also a Cadet Program for 12 to 18 year olds.  They meet on a Wednesday evening from 6.30pm till 8.00pm at our base at 185 Breakwater Parade, Mandurah..  This is open to boys and girls and strives to educate them on Boating Safety, Navigation, First Aid, plus they get the opportunity to go out on the rescue boats and experience the opportunity to learn about small boats.

We need more young men and women who are prepared to offer their time, do something for the community and assist those who so diligently offer their time to provide this Volunteer service to the community.

Have time on your hands to become Crew or Radio Operator, or assist with promotion and want to be useful and involved?  

There is a job for you no matter what time you have available to offer.

Phone: 08  9535 4789