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Are you ready to join the Mandurah

Marine Rescue ?

Volunteers undertake various roles according to their abilities. interests and what they are comfortable with.  Volunteers undertake training, respond to emergency situations and may also involve themselves in marine educational activities designed to improve safety for the boating public

There has never been a better time to join.

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Join Now !!

For More information:



Commander on 0409 081 801

or any of the Committee.


Commander             Vern Goff                    0409 081 801

Vice Commander    John Richardson        0429  081 801

Secretary                 Barb Walton                0417 956 059       

Treasurer                 Jim Mitchell                 0409 288 139

Training                   Shane Hourn              0409 100 827

Communications      Lyn Sleight                 0414 355 970        Special Events        John Morrissey          0404 616 497

Safety                      Greg Mansell              0466 682 775      

Administration         Ed Czechowski           0403 242 273

Social                      Leonie Hurst              0419 020 159 

Public Relations      John Stoneham          0487 763 045

Maintenance           TBA



Mandurah Marine Rescue  (08) 9535 4789


Mandurah Marine Rescue


The Mandurah Marine Rescue is a totally volunteer group, completely funded by the wider community and the raising of funds by members


We provide marine search and rescue operation throughout the Peel Region and surrounding ocean waterways.


We save lives, although vessels may be towed and property saved at the discretion of the rescue boat skipper and / or the coordination centre at the time of any occurrence.


We educate the public in the principles of safe boating and survival at sea.


We train skippers, crews, radio operators and all other persons concerned in search and rescue operations.


We assist, aid or affiliate with any institution or association having objectives similar to ours.


Formal in-house courses and training that are available include:

  • Short Range Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

  • Long Range Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

New Modern Radio Room Facilities

Time For A Challenge

Training on latest equipment 

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